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Sunflower Wedding Decorations Really Fit to Rustic Touch Décor

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Sunflower Wedding Decorations

Sunflower wedding decorations are really suitable for you who like rustic design. If you hold an outdoor wedding with country theme, it is perfect to decorate the receptions with sunflowers. This kind of flower can bring a cheerful atmosphere through the party. The bright colors of yellow petals make the beautiful look in your rustic wedding. The simple beauty of this flower is adorable make the decoration looks perfect. The sunflowers with huge size is completed the natural view of the wedding space which surrounded with peaceful shades of tree and the blue sky. It will make the guests feel warm in the sunny day.

Sunflower Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Moreover, sunflower is not only suitable for decorations but also looks beautiful as the bride flower bouquet. If some wedding concept provides various romantic flowers as the flower arrangement, you can try this simple look of sunflower to complete the beauty of bride’s elegant white dress. This flower which commonly grows in country is really fit to combine with rustic look of the wedding decoration. Some decoration pieces such wooden chair and table, shabby burlap, and some pots filled sunflowers are an adorable combination. The white fabric to cover the table and also as the part of decoration make the bright color of sunflower wedding decorations looks conspicuous.

Sunflower Wedding Table Decorations

To match with sunflowers color, the wedding cake also can add the pretty look. A simple look of cake with two layers is covered with white cream. It can be decorated with yellow touch to match with the color of sunflowers decoration. The white combined with bright yellow bring the cheerful warmth at your wedding. Moreover, if the wedding continues until the evening, you still can enjoy the beautiful look of sunflower wedding decorations through the light from candle. It turns out the cheerful into romantic ambiance.

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