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Simple Ornaments of Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

Winter wonderland wedding decorations is one of wedding theme that is very popular. The wedding day is an important day and valuable for anyone who will get married. Determining  a theme for your wedding will make your wedding more memorable, coordinated, and will be more beautiful. An advantage in determining a theme is to simplify the process of decorating of wedding location. By determining the theme, the selection of ornaments will also be more specific and easier to find.


Everything is White

Winter is identical with snow, white, and blue. In providing the winter wonderland wedding decorations for your wedding, you can choose all of the ornaments and decorations in the room become completely white. To provide a visual atmosphere of winter, you can cover the entire wall and roof with white curtains which is decorated with blue lights.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations White Colors

Choose a white wedding cake that is shaped snow and to strengthen the winter in the room. You can also make a table decoration by using Styrofoam crumbs. You can make snow made of Styrofoam and attached by using glue. Add decorations with white flowers and install it on the edge of the chair.


Additional Ornament

In selecting additional ornament for winter wonderland wedding decorations, you can add candles and dried flowers as the center point on the table. These dried flowers will represent the atmosphere of winter that shows the flowers are dry in the winter. To further reinforce the theme of winter in your wedding, you can also add dried branches and placed at some point.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations Ideas

In addition, you can also incorporate this winter wonderland wedding decorations theme into the food menu. You can customize the dish to the guests with this winter theme. Another option to add some lighting in your wedding party, you can use the white lantern or decorative crystal lamps.

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