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Modern and Luxurious Ideas of Western Wedding Decorations

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Western Wedding Decorations

Western wedding decorations can be a simple and luxurious wedding concept in a same time, since this concept does not need any complicated wedding stuff unlike traditional or ethnic weeding decorations. Western concept is more minimalist and modern with color matching.  It can be held in indoor or outdoor based on your taste, if you choose indoor party, the wedding will look luxurious. While, if you set it in outdoor, you will be more relax with garden party concept. Even though it is a simple decoration, but the budget to hold this wedding is quite expensive. For you have low budget, do not worry because you still enjoy western decoration by accentuating home décor.

Western Outdoor Wedding Decorations

For the color scheme of western wedding decorations, you can use white or pastel color. For the furniture, you can use special table and chair that decorated with beautiful bright lace or ribbon. For the platting decoration, you can use bandanas, it can be placed on the plate or hang it around the reception area. The presence of trees in this concept are also important, you can set some tress on the vas in front of the house or entry hall and arrange it systematically to make shady impression. Moreover, you can also use bouquet of thistle.

Western Wedding Reception Decorations


To save the meals in the reception time, this concept usually uses galvanized tubs. The large galvanized tubs are used to save ice and water drinking. Moreover, galvanized tubs also can be used to put flowers, candle or balloon. For the flooring decoration of western wedding decorations, you can use red carpet begin from the entry hall to the altar. If you choose this concept, you might need some stuff consideration that reflected western style. Those are the ideas that can be used in your special occasion, especially wedding party.

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