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Butterfly Wedding Decorations that Are Unique

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Butterfly Wedding Decorations

Butterfly wedding decorations is a wonderful option for you to apply. For you who like a butterfly, it is an idea that is very appropriate for you to apply in your wedding. Marriage is a very important event for everyone and only happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, to fill this sacred event, you must be clever in determining the decor. One of the unique and attractive decoration for which you apply is a butterfly. You can decorate the table and all the furniture that is in your wedding with a butterfly. Animals are beautiful and have a beautiful color it is very suitable for your wedding decorations.

Paper Butterfly Wedding Decorations

Of course, you do not need to use live butterflies as your butterfly wedding decorations. You can use a butterfly ornament as an option. This decoration can be applied on walls, tables, floors, roofs and all the room you want. Besides as a decor of the room, you can also use this decoration on wedding cake. You can order a cake with a butterfly design that is beautiful and can be eaten of course. Cake with decorative butterflies will look beautiful and impressive. If you like the theme of one color, you can choose your favorite color in wedding room. You can choose the colors pink or purple are beautiful and funny.

Butterfly Wedding Reception Decorations

Talking about marriage would not be complete without consideration of the dress. You can also apply a butterfly decoration on your wedding dress. You can order a beautiful dress with a butterfly theme. This is a very smart idea for you because you will look elegant and beautiful. And also can make beautiful accessories such as ribbon bow to you put on your hair so you will look more beautiful. Not to forget, the guests who come to your wedding will also get cute souvenirs decorated with butterflies that have pretty colors and sweet. So, if you want a memorable wedding, you can choose butterfly wedding decorations.

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