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Black and White Wedding Decorations as Gothic and Romantic Themes

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Black and White Wedding Decorations

Black and white wedding decorations can be selected as a cool decoration for a wedding. As you know, the wedding becomes a very important thing for everyone. Wedding decorations become one part to beautify the wedding. The theme selected also varies depending on the tastes of the bride itself. Decorations used will be a tool that adds to the atmosphere more festive. For that, for you who like black and white, you can apply this to your wedding decorations. This is a decoration that is perfect for you who like the gothic and romantic themes. The combination of the two colors will make your wedding more special.

Black and White Wedding Decoration Ideas

Although wedding is more synonymous with white, you can apply black and white as your wedding themes. One thing you need to remember is how to change the look of the gothic which usually looks sinister and ancient, into a romantic and elegant look. For that you have to be clever in applying black and white wedding decorations. You do not have to worry, for you who still feel confused; you can choose a venue with gothic concepts, such as castles, ancient church or an ancient house. It would be good if there are gorgeous gardens around the site which will be a beautiful setting for photos. Gothic impression can also be present in the flower arrangements that you order on a table, in a way combine with black antique chandeliers.

Black and White Wedding Table Decorations

Having a gothic room decor would not be perfect if you can not apply the right wedding dress. Therefore, if you have chosen black and white wedding decorations, it would be nice if you choose the dress according to the theme that you apply. Beautiful white wedding dress still can you wear with a decorative sash or ribbon dark like black. This detail will make you impress gothic appearance without excessive wearing heavy dark.

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